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Factors Arouse the Out-Stock of Burial Space Hong Kong Today (2007.04.21 14:48)

1.The Ageing Population Hong Kong

As per Women and Men in Hong Kong Key Statistics (Hong Kong Statistics, 2006, ch1, p1), Hong Kong has an expanding and aging population.  While the total population grew by 34 per cent between 1981 and 2005, the population aged 65 and over increased by 143 per cent.

The population pyramids (Figure 1) below show a continuing ageing trend during 1991 to 2005.The number and proportion of persons aged 30-54 showed a substantial increase from 36 per cent in 1991 to 44 per cent in 2005, as a result of the baby boom in the 1950-60s and an influx of young immigrants during the 1970-80s.  Statistics also indicated the life expectancy at birth for women and men were 84.4 years and 78.8 years respectively by year 2005 (Hong Kong Statistics, 2006, ch1, p2).

In terms of population age structures, Figure 2 below shows that at the age of 65 and over has increased from about 482'040 in year 1991 to about 859'100 in mid-2006.

The population pyramids below give an expected picture of the shift in age structure of the population for the next 10 to 20 years.

The expected population of age 65 and above for year 2015 and 2025, as figure below shows, will be 1.3 million and 2.1 million respectively.


2.The Increase in Death Rate

Statistics also showed that the total number of death has increased almost 12 per cent from about 33,400 of year 2002 to about 37,300 year 2005. Infers the death rate Hong Kong has been increased gradually.

3.The Insufficient Supply of Cemeteries and Columbaria

There are almost none suitable sites for building new cemeteries and columbaria because of objections from residents to proposals to set aside land in their districts for such uses.  It is clear that; "land" is the most expensive commodity in Hong Kong.  The majority of land available today seems solely to serve the economic needs of Hong Kong citizens.  In fact, large numbers of revenue Hong Kong is generated by land auctions each year.


Consequences of Out-Stock of Burial Space (2007.05.21 18:30)
1. The increase in demand for cremation services
2. The increase in demand for public/private columbaria
3. The increase in the price of niches
4. The increase in the numbers of cemetery and columbarium in Mainland
5. The increase in the numbers of scatter of ashes, plant tree and place of memorial tablet in Government owned Garden of Remembrance
6. The legalization of sea burial scatter of pulverized ashes into the sea 
7. Set up memorial web page to memorize the death of a loved one
8. The derivative, Virtual cemeteries and columbaria

Another Consequence of Out-Stock of Burial Space: (2007.08.03 23:50)

The terraced hillside of the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery at Cape Collinson (Chai Wan, Hong Kong) has been converted to niches in order to provide sufficient burial space for the followers.

Obviously, as picture 3 showed, the space for the bereaved to stand is limited.

Moreover, the allocation of niches is in numerical order, the bereaved have no right to choose the niche that he/she prefers to.


 Picture 1 (31 Jul 2007)

 Picture 2 (31 Jul 2007)

 Picture 3 (31 Jul 2007)

 Picture 4 (31 Jul 2007)


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