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(Last updated: 11-January-2013)

 Wo Hop Shek Columbarium Phase 5








To enhance provision of public columbarium facilities, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department have recently completed the construction of 3374 additional niches at the Kwai Chung Columbarium and 18500 new niches at the Diamond Hill Columbarium and the allocation of such new niches to the public had been completed. 

Today, the Department of FEH has started to erect a new columbarium at Kiu Tau Road within the Wo Hop Shek Cemetery to provide some 37000 niches and a Garden of Remembrance for completion by July 2012. 

The site is an old coffin burial within the Wo Hop Shek Cemetery ground covering an area of 3.6 hectares. 

After completion of the construction, a new five-storey columbarium building will provide about 30000 public niches and around 7000 outdoor niches for public, as well as a single-storey administration block and Garden of Remembrance with memorial stones/pillars. (20-August-2010)

Full text:  ProposedNewColumbariumAndGardenOfRemembranceAtKiuTauRoadWoHopShek.pdf

Source: http://www.legco.gov.hk/yr08-09/english/panels/fseh/papers/fe0512cb2-1489-3-e.pdf


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