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Why fear of death?


  1. Fear of physical suffering and pain;
  2. Fear of the impact of death on those left behind;
  3. Fear of the deaths of those we love;
  4. Fear of eternal punishment;
  5. Fear of not achieving important goals;
  6. Fear of humiliation and cowardice; and
  7. Fear of not existing.


According to Kubler-Ross's Sequential Stages of Dying,

To begin with denial: "Not me! I don't believe it! There must be a mistake!"

Then, anger: "Why me? Lots of people smoked more than I did, and look at them! It isn't fair!"

Then, bargaining: "Okay, I might die. Just let me live a little longer so I can wrap up the business and see my new grandson."

And then, depression: "Yes, it's happening. There's nothing I can do. I wish I had died a long time ago."

Finally, acceptance: "Let it happen. It's okay. I'm not interested in anything anymore. I'm not unhappy, just tired."



Nothing is worth doing more than serving the others.